One of the most common ways of building energy efficient homes is by sealing up the house. Although sealing homes increases energy efficiency, it also leads to a higher likelihood of stale air being trapped inside, resulting in the premises becoming damp and polluted. Indoor pollution is hazardous for health and it is said that indoor pollution is up to 100 times worse in new homes.

For an easy fix, the most common method of preventing damp and moulding is by allowing air ventilation through windows and doorways. However, this leads to loss of energy and can be a security risk. The solution for this is to ensure that your home has a robust ventilation system which is in line with building codes which require buildings to have adequate ventilation.

In-house ventilation is required to ensure your home is safe to live in. There are many types of ventilation systems. For example, exhaust ventilation systems work by depressurising the premises. In simple terms, the indoor air pressure is extracted from a house, while air from leaks, cracks and internal passive vents replaces it. These are relatively easy to install and include systems such as bathroom exhaust fans, which work to ‘exhaust’ the air from inside the bathroom. Kitchen exhaust fans work similarly, by venting out unwanted smoke, moisture and odours. Exhaust vents come in many sizes and customers are usually able to choose the best type for their homes.

Before a bathroom exhaust fan installation, you must determine the best placement. The same applies for kitchen exhaust fan installation. The size and capacity of the ventilation system must be taken into account, otherwise it may not be possible to utilise the exhaust fans effectively.

Fan suitability is usually determined by the size of the room and requirements of the users. For more information, please contact A&B Air Power today!

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