Car Park Ventilation

As per Australian Standards, all car parks must have exhaust system to limit carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations to the approved levels. Car park ventilations are necessary so that in the event of a fire incident, fire service can be assisted to drive away the smoke from the car park during and after the fire. This is done by using the car park ventilation system. Furthermore, the underground car park ventilation systems may even be designed in a way that provides smoke free, clear access to the fire service. Thus, when natural ventilation is not doable, these complex ventilation systems are used instead in car parks, which enhance underground garage ventilation and includes car park extractor fans among other key parts.

Car park ventilation systems are in general either running at full speed or running on timers which can figure out ‘peak periods’; they may even stay turned off. The intensity of usage determines the cost of energy and may even impact on health and safety of car park users. Hence, it is of utmost importance that car park ventilation systems meet Australian Standards.

An innovative design feature of car park ventilation units is the Impulse Ventilation which comprises of several high capacity jet fans that either replace traditional distribution ductwork in car parks and garages or increase cross flow ventilation in open-air parking spaces. These jet fans produce a high velocity of jet air, which moves a large quantity of the air surrounding the fan, improving the quality of cross-ventilation considerably.

Car park or garage ventilation is necessary to remove vehicle exhaust fumes containing dangerous pollutants. Ensure you enlist the help of seasoned experts who have experience in car park ventilation system designs. Contact A&B Air Power for further info.

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