When the temperature indoors is uncomfortable, it becomes quite challenging to enjoy a day at home. You want your home to be cosy and comfortable, even on hot summer days or cold winter days. One of the most cost effective ways of ensuring optimal temperatures at home is by installing air conditioners at home. Home air conditioning units are a worthwhile investment; depending on the type of air conditioning system you select (ducted or split), you can easily control the temperature inside your house.

So how much does it cost to install air conditioning in a house? This depends on the type of air conditioning unit being installed. In most Australian homes, split-system air cons are usually preferred. Although the upfront installation costs tend to be significantly higher than portable units, these air cons tend to be more cost-effective in the long run. The total installation cost will comprise of the cost of the unit itself, which depends on the brand, the size and capacity and smart features. It may also be possible to get a better price quotation during off-peak seasons. In addition, an installer’s fees depends on a variety of factors and can start from $600. It is always best to contact the service provider; comparing quotes can give you a helpful estimate of all the costs you may have to incur. Some factors which may affect installation costs include: number of units to be installed; the type, brand and size of the unit being installed; complexity of the installation (for example, additional concerns related to infrastructure and logistics); electrical system upgrades (if required). Always ensure you are appointing a licensed air-conditioner installer.

A&B Air Power is a licensed service provider and strives to provide the best-in-class home air conditioning service. Please reach out to us to avail our services today!

A&B Air-Power has continually provided premium air conditioning services to Sydney locals since its establishment in 2005. Our founder, Van Quoc Ngo, has been mastering the Air Conditioning and Electrician trade for almost 20 years, gaining invaluable industry experience and expertise during this time.


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