Industrial air conditioning systems are generally ‘packaged’ units. These have most of the features of split air conditioning systems, except the external and internal components are packaged into a single unit. Rest of the components in an industrial air conditioning unit are still the same including the filters, coolant lines, compressors and blower fans. Since all these features are available in a single unit, the unit can be moved from location to location, making these perfect for most industrial facilities.

Finding the best industrial air conditioning unit for your workplace, including warehouses, depends on factors such as the size of the space to be cooled, your budget, number of occupants and so on. The cost of an industrial air conditioner can start from $4000 to source and install; the installation of an industrial air conditioner is charged by the hour and can go up to $140. At A&B Air Power, all your sourcing and installation costs can be put at rest – we are experts in this industry.

A&B Air-Power has continually provided premium air conditioning services to Sydney locals since its establishment in 2005. Our founder, Van Quoc Ngo, has been mastering the Air Conditioning and Electrician trade for almost 20 years, gaining invaluable industry experience and expertise during this time.


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